Running into November

Yesterday’s workout was a 3.25 mile run around campus and downtown. I’m not going to lie. There was walking in those 3.25 miles. The hills are killer. And yet… I definitely feel that I’m getting better, and often the only thing that stands between me and getting some more mileage in is hours of daylight. That’s only going to become more of an issue as fall turns to winter.
I’ve been listening to the second Hunger Games book while I run. It’s great because it’s easy to understand despite all the limits on my attention span imposed by the heavy breathing and the traffic dodging. But it’s also interesting enough to keep my mind off the predictable chanting of my brain: “how long have I been running/is it time to turn back yet??/omg i can’t do this”. 
Sometime last week, I ran to EarthFare, bought some mangoes, and walked home. On my walk back home, I passed these trees that were going to be cut down. 

No clue why. Maybe because they’re easing their way onto the curb and will soon be in the road?

They’re probably gone by now. I’ll have a run back by there one of these days and I’ll post pictures of the aftermath. 

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