10k… errr 6 miles

I’m so excited about my latest running feat that I have to write about it right here and now. I just got back from my longest run of all time, a 6 miler in 1:01:57. Not a great time, but hey… I did it!
I saw the route for the Taste of Athens 10k online and I decided out of the blue to give it a shot. Remember how I was complaining about my calves and ankles earlier in the day? I guess I started feeling better and more ambitious as the day went on.
I wasn’t a huge fan of the Taste of Athens route as a solo run like I did today. First of all there was a lot of traffic and many, many intersections. As a race, I’m sure it’s a totally different experience, with traffic being closed and runners on the roads. The intersections slow down my pace a lot, since I end up waiting for traffic lights to change and most of the time I don’t pause the Runkeeper app while I wait. Also, I walked some portions of the route around the 3 and 4 mile mark. I kept thinking that I wasn’t going to be able to finish the entire thing and I would have to find a shorter route back home. But in the end, the shortest route home was just to take the race path anyway. The moment when I realized that was pure frustration followed by my best pace of the entire run. I was stuck a couple miles from my water bottle and warmth and I could either run it or walk it. As cold as it was, I decided to run.
I’m thinking about running in the Taste of Athens next year, but I’m also considering a few other races in the Charlotte, Athens, and Atlanta areas. Thoughts?

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