Chataranga pushups are the devil

Last night was Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown Level 1. Relatively light, although chataranga pushups are awful awful awful. I can’t do it at all. I really need to work on my upper body strength.

This video is clearly not traditional yoga, but it’s a pretty good mix of strength training and fat burning, and best of all it moves quickly. When I’m working out to a video, I have a much harder time focusing and putting in all of my effort. My favorite workout videos are short, sweet and to the point. That’s one of the many reasons I love so many Jillian vids. Yoga meltdown and 30 day shred are the perfect length for my at home workouts. 


  1. mishvo

    You’ll get used to them as you practice, I promise 🙂 Have you thought about adding yoga into your routines? I usually do a little 20 minutes yoga stretching after I run, especially for my hips. But also, I highly recommend Rubber Soul classes.

  2. amhow

    I have been on again/off again with yoga for something like 8 years or so, but I’ve never been so regularly that I felt like a true yogi. There are some yoga stretches recommended for runners that I found on Lululemon while I was lusting after their ridiculously expensive stuff a while back. I definitely agree that stretching can make a world of difference. I was actually thinking about writing a post about that!

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