Zumba and a 5+ mile run

Yesterday, I taught Zumba as I always do on Tuesday nights. I had a blast since several of my instructor friends joined me for the class. I love teaching with other instructors, because they all make a special effort to be energetic and have fun in the class. This is the real magic that happens with my amazing instructor friends at Queen City Dance Out. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, this company has a team of fantastic dance fitness instructors that first motivated me to get off the couch 6 years ago, at the very beginning of my Zumba obsession.


Tonight, I ran 5.66 miles on some small residential roads near campus. The run went so smoothly and I felt like I found my stride quickly, although my pace was relatively slow compared to this weekend. I so love running in the cold. In fact, I wonder how cold it would have to get before it is too cold to run. This is all new to me, so I’m not sure what my body will need as we move into winter and it gets colder here in Georgia. Knowing that I would want to keep running, and knowing that a cold front was on its way, this weekend we made a special effort to get some protective gear. I bought one of the fleece earwarmer headbands, gloves, and a much-needed iPhone armband case. I took all my new toys out for the run today, although it’s not quite cold enough to need the gloves just yet. After about a mile of sweaty palms, I ended up just holding them in my hands for the rest of the run.



  1. mishvo

    Glad you like the cold – I am TERRIBLE at running in the cold. Hate it. I always end up dipping out on running outside when it’s chilly. Would rather run in 95 degree heat and humidity than anything below 55 degrees.

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