A rough few days

It’s been almost a week since my last post, and my workouts have been pretty unremarkable in these past 6 days. Thursday of last week I learned that my grandfather likely would not live through the weekend. He passed away Friday morning while I was teaching a class, and although I knew it was likely he wouldn’t make it much longer, I had irrationally hoped that I might be able to teach and then make it back to North Carolina to see him one last time. After class, I drove from Georgia to North Carolina and I have spent the past few days with my relatives. We passed the time talking about my PawPaw, crying a lot, and eating far too much fried chicken. Why does everyone bring fried chicken to a grieving family? My brother and I gave the eulogy for PawPaw, which was one of the most difficult yet simultaneously rewarding experiences of my life. Funerals should always include words spoken by someone close to the deceased, I’ve decided. For me, it made saying goodbye to my grandfather more real and more intensely emotional, but I also felt proactive. I felt like I was doing something with my grief that might help my grandmother and the rest of my family deal with the sadness.

The worry and the emotion of the past few days left me sleepless for a few nights. I was also surrounded by lots of people who wanted to hug and shake hands. Oh, and I cried a lot. So, a cold was basically inevitable once the stress of giving the eulogy had subsided. By Monday night I was starting to have a sore throat, body aches, and head congestion. I still feel a little crummy today, but I am hopeful that I will be feeling better by tomorrow because…


That’s right, I’m signed up for the Charlotte Turkey Trot 8k tomorrow morning at 9 am. We’ll see if I feel up to it, and if I do go through with it I’ll be sure to post lots of info as I review what may be my very first road race.

A recap of the few workouts I did manage to get in this weekend:

Thursday, I did a youtube search for “relaxation yoga”, hoping for something to calm my emotions. I did this sequence by Ashley Sky Litecky. It was pretty good, but I didn’t feel as deeply stretched and relaxed as I would have liked. Also, while I love the way yoga makes me feel physically, I am pretty picky about the dialogue the instructor uses while he/she leads the class. I just was not completely sold on this particular class.

Sunday morning, I ran 2 miles at a pretty fast pace right around downtown. The head cold had not really set in at that point, and I wanted to see what I would feel if I started out running at a faster pace than I’m accustomed to. I thought it might be good to feel that out in advance of the race on Thursday, just so I have a better idea of what to expect if the adrenaline of being in a race makes me run faster than normal.

If I do run, my primary goal is just to finish (hopefully not last). My secondary goal is not to walk. I’ll keep you posted.


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