Lone Wolf versus Running in a Pack

Runner’s World posted this article today about running and social media, and it has me thinking…

In general, I run alone. No, strike that. I always run alone (except that one time I ran with 9,099 other people). Reading the RW article, I find myself wondering how I would like running with others.

There are a few reasons I think I might not like it. First, one thing I really like about running is the solitude, the time to clear my mind. Also, how do people talk to one another when they’re running?? It’s an effort to breathe for me, let alone talk. Then there’s the issue that no one wants to talk about, but it happens to the best of us. It’s part of life. I’m talking about mucous. Call me crazy, but I just don’t think other people need to see me spit. I am discreet. I try to do it when cars or other runners aren’t around.  But listen, sometimes it needs to happen and if I’m running with a partner, how do I excuse myself to take care of that?

Then again, I could use more social activity in my life. I think friends bonding over a healthy activity could be more fun than bonding over eating or beers. I saw people running together at the Turkey Trot and I thought it would be cool to have compatriots for the race. 

Thoughts? Do you prefer to run lone wolf style or do you run in a pack?



    • amhow

      I had to google farmers kleenex, and now I’m really grateful to know it’s common enough that there’s a word for it. It may not be acceptable in public, but sometimes it’s the only option.

  1. mishvo

    ALONE! All the way.
    All of your posts are making me miss running SO. MUCH. It’s not really an option here, what with the crumbling sidewalks, packed with people and motorcycles and street vendors and soi dogs….I miss me some nature.

    • amhow

      Running back in my hometown makes me realize how great a town Athens is for runners. There are sidewalks everywhere and people look out for pedestrians. It’s just a more active community. If I want to run back at home, I have to drive downtown and then run. Less than ideal.

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