The best running/dancing song in all the land


There are basically two forms of exercise that I don’t hate. Running and dancing. This song makes me want to do both of those things at the exact same time. Instead, I basically just end up twitching and twirling uncontrollably every time this song queues up on my playlist. I literally cannot hold still. It should probably be illegal to play this song on car radios. It’s too dangerous.

Last night I taught Zumba to a relatively full house considering that it is almost exam time here at UGA and normally all the students go into permanent hibernation during this last week. 

Monday night I ran about 4 miles, I think. I paused RunKeeper at the stoplight and forgot to turn her back on for three or four minutes. I finished the run in 35:52 and racked up 3.74 miles that were actually recorded. I’m betting I did about 4 miles total, maybe more. It was a great run around town, just before it got dark. As I finished up my run through the residential area near campus, folks’ Christmas lights started coming on here and there. Lovely. 


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