Shoes are so important

When I went back to North Carolina for Thanksgiving, I accidentally left my shoes there. My parents have one of those awesome shoe storage benches by the front door. People come in, take their shoes off, and they can hide them from sight in this convenient bench that doubles as storage. Long story short, I left my favorite running shoes in that bench and didn’t realize it until I had driven 3.5 hours southwest.

I love my Nike Frees. I designed them myself. Originally I thought they just would be my Zumba shoes, but then I found out about the Nike running app that pairs with your shoes and decided to give running a shot. The technology was part of my motivation to start running in the first place. Once I’d started, I was soon hooked.

As it turns out, the Nike+ accelerometer that you stick in your shoe and the native iPhone app which came standard in my phone (the app reads the data from the accelerometer) both kind of suck in comparison with the plain GPS Nike running app. Soon after purchasing the shoes, I realized how crappy the Nike+ technology actually was and just started using the plain Nike Running App and the phone’s GPS to track my location. Then I discovered that Runkeeper kicks Nike’s butt and I haven’t looked back.

But I still love my shoes. I wear them for running and for Zumba. I think they’re beautiful. And the realization that I had left them in NC was so disheartening considering how badly I needed to get back to running after Thanksgiving break.

I wore a different pair of shoes for the first part of this week. They’re ok. It’s just, they aren’t my running shoes, and it’s not the same. Even Sergio’s attempt to make me laugh by giving me wings didn’t make up for the fact that these weren’t my running shoes.


My mom, being the angel that she is, mailed me my shoes and saved the day. Yesterday, I ran 3 miles in 27:39. This weekend, the goal is to break my distance PR. I’m shooting for 7 miles, but let’s see…



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