A New Year’s Resolution in the making

I’ve never been a true New Year’s Resolution devotee. In the past, I’ve resolved to “lose weight”, “be less stressed”, “make new friends”, etc., etc. (Note: that last one sounds a little sad and lonesome, but at the time I was reading MWF seeking BFF and I got inspired by the author’s quest to go on 52 friend dates in a year). One particularly fruitful year, I made myself a list of books I wanted to read before 12 months had passed. That was probably one of my more successful attempts at resolving to change my life. I assigned books to specific months and when a new month started, I knew what book to start. I didn’t read all the books on that list that year, but I read more than I would have read if I’d just resolved to “read more.” My successful resolutions have been specific and timely, and I’m starting to eye 2013 for the potential that it has to make my life better.

So, considering my new obsession with running, I’m thinking of making a list of the races I’d like to run this year. John over at Fit for a Year did something similar last year. Like my list of books, a list of races would be a tangible goal with specific deadlines that I can work toward. Even if I don’t make all the deadlines or run all the races, I’ll accomplish more than if I didn’t set the goals. Right?

The big looming question is whether or not to put the M word on my list of goals for 2013. I hesitate to even type the word for fear of either calling it into being or not coming anywhere close to achieving it…. Marathon. There, I said it. Am I CRAZY??? Possibly. But I like big goals, and I like achieving things I didn’t think were possible. It’s something that I’ve been pondering as I think where I’d like to be one year from today.

I’ve read articles that say you shouldn’t even think about running a marathon unless you’ve been running for 3 years or more. I’ve also read one year. Then you see training plans that are meant to get you ready in 6 months or even less. If I do run a marathon, I don’t plan on doing it until the end of 2013, at the earliest. There’s the Rock N Roll Marathon (and half marathon!) in Savannah in November. I’ve heard that’s a great race for first timers or folks trying to PR because it’s relatively flat and very well organized. Here’s an interesting list of marathons meant to make your first time a memorable one. First time? Yeah, people do this crap more than once.

Another option would be to set a smaller goal for a long race in 2013, and just work on improving my times over the course of the year. I could do the Athens Half Marathon here in town in October. There’s a huge advantage to this race that it is right here where I live. Also it’s only 13.1 miles instead of 26.2. Who runs for 26.2 miles? Crazy people. I might be crazy, you guys.

I’m looking at the Taste of Athens 10k OR the Run 4 Red 10k (both on the same day) in February. What else should I consider? Any great races in the southeast that I should know about? I’m partial to Georgia or North Carolina since those are easy places for me to visit and have somewhere to sleep. I’ll be thinking about it until the end of the year, so any and all suggestions are welcome.



  1. terrybjohnson

    Your picture from the Savannah Rock ‘n Roll Marathon got my attention – I did it this year. It was my 5th marathon and my fastest and my most enjoyable. Absolutely loved running in Savannah and I highly recommend it to you!

    • amhow

      Thank you for the response! I’m seriously leaning towards putting it on the list. I can start training and see where that takes me. If it doesn’t happen, no harm no foul.

  2. Cindy

    Ooooh! The M word! I’ve thought about it too but I just don’t know…its CRAZY! I made a half marathon my goal for last year and that was sufficient for me but I love love LOVE your go-getter competitive attitude. i might consider the M word in 2013 as well!!

    • amhow

      It’s still a huge question mark for me. I think a half marathon is a reasonable goal since I’ve been running for about 4 months now and I’m up to a long run of 7 miles. A marathon may be a 2014 goal for me. Still thinking about it.

  3. Mind Margins/Run Nature

    Go for it! You can certainly be ready for a marathon by the end of 2013, even if you haven’t been running much. So exciting! And I love the idea of going on 52 friend dates. I might be inspired to try that one next year!

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