The one where I fell down

It was a lot like this…

Except that I was only running two miles and I fell down because I’m an idiot and I either tripped on my own feet or some uneven sidewalk and then I immediately thanked the girl that asked if I was ok (had to have an audience, right?) turned around and went back home instead of finishing the two measly miles that I had planned to run… Badass, right?

And I didn’t set any world records or win any Olympic medals. Can you imagine how many times I would have to fall down to win the Olympics? I’ll just tell you. It would be a lot of times, you guys.

I knew I needed to avoid injury as I increased my mileage, but I never thought my injury might be falling down and skinning my hand and knees like an 8 year old.

Obligatory picture of my skinned knees. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I had this adorable phone skin that I got from DecalGirl. It’s toast. BUT it actually protected my phone in the fall, which I did not expect it would do. Good job, DecalGirl. RIP adorable phone decal.


I got blood on my favorite shoes. I think I ripped a small hole in the upper of the left one where my funky mutant toes met the pavement. But I didn’t cry. And nobody yelled at me (unlike this lady). And I think I’m earning my stripes as a runner. Badass.



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