This is hard…

I’m trying to figure out my 2013 race schedule and it’s really freaking hard, you guys. Race Tetris, level 2013. So many races, so many scheduling conflicts, so much confusion…


Here’s the thing. I’d like to compete in the following events in 2013:

  • 5K (Completed on New Year’s Day, but I want to do another one)
  • 8K (Charlotte Turkey Trot 2: Judgment Day)
  • 10K
  • 15K (or a 5K & a 10K in the same day, because 15’s are hard to come by)
  • Half marathon
  • Marathon

I am willing to travel a little for a half or a full marathon, because they aren’t as easy to come by. I am not, however, willing to get a hotel room for a 10K or 15K, unless that’s my destination race with a friend, in which case…


Another challenge? I’m likely going to be doing field work during the summer months, taking me out of the country and out of running for at least 8 weeks, maybe more. Once I return, I suppose I’ll have to get back into running shape again before I could even think about a marathon or a half. I am not sure, but I imagine that running shape and field work shape are two entirely different things. Right now I’m thinking I’d like to try to do the half marathon before summer, and do the marathon in the fall/winter or even early January 2014 (Disney Marathon or Mississippi Blues Marathon, anyone?). That means I seriously have to start training for a half soon. Scary.


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