Double digits!

I did my first 10 mile run on Sunday! I’ve progressed into the land of double digit long runs, and I guess that is where I shall remain from here on out. I don’t anticipate triple digits happening in this lifetime.

2013-01-06 11.16.22

The run went well. I even ate one of my GU gels at 5 miles, the vanilla bean one. My PhD advisor and running mentor said they kind of taste like icing. Ok, I guess so, if you mean the gross gel icing that comes in a tube. It wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t good, and I was anticipating real icing (sugar and crisco), which is good.

I was pretty excited about having completed 10 miles. It really makes 13.1 seem completely doable (easy to say from the couch, I know). Since I was excited I took my own picture, in which I refused to smile too much because I didn’t want to look goofy or too excited.

2013-01-06 11.16.59

See how I totally avoided looking goofy here? Success.

Tonight, I taught two classes of Zumba, back to back. That is the plan for Tuesday nights for Spring semester. This is free week at the university, meaning that all students can attend fitness classes for free all week long. Classes are extremely full and very high energy all week long. It’s amazingly fun to teach these classes with the huge crowds, and tonight was even more fun than years past.

2013-01-08 20.58.46

Sweat + happy

Teaching two classes back to back is grueling, but also a great way to leave my other nights of the week open for running and school work. I’m basically exhausted right now from two full hours of cardio, but I think I’m going to try to give running a shot tomorrow. I have to be able to continue to run consistently throughout this semester in order to keep up my training and get ready for the races I want to run in 2013. A 5k, 10k, 15k, half marathon, and a marathon. ACK!!



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