Half Marathon… training

So I’ve finally decided on my 2013 New Year’s resolution half marathon that will happen before my summer field work. I’ll be running the Rockin’ Harbins Park Half Marathon in Dacula, Georgia on April 21st. That’s Dacula, not Dracula. I chose the race solely on the basis of the schedule. I don’t even have a clue what the course is like because I wasn’t able to find any info online. All I know is that it’s close to Athens and it happens at the end of April. Ta-daaaa. Race chosen.

I’ve been out of commission for the last few weeks. I’ve either not been running at all, or running very little, so I decided the way to jump start myself back into training was to schedule a race. I registered, so there’s no turning back now (kind of… I actually bought the race insurance, so I could cancel up to a few days before hand with no risk. Shhhh.). Today I ran a solid 5 miles at a decent pace, considering how little I had run in the past three weeks or so. I’m also getting to a reaaaally good part of my new-ish audiobook Gone Girl. This book was recommended by a friend of a friend and it is phenomenal. I highly recommend it.



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