This is how my week goes

Tuesday night I teach Zumba from 6:45 to 7:45 pm. 


And then I do it again from 8 to 9 pm



And on Wednesdays…



Today it’s back to running. Like it or not. 




  1. mishvo

    i literally don’t know how you do two zumba classes in one night. i don’t know if i told you – but i’ve been going to “zumba” at my gym on friday nights and ohmygod it’s SO much fun!! it’s more like a world dance class (we do the cha cha, bollywood dancing, belly dancing, and hip hop) and of course it’s all in thai but i love it so much!!

    • amhow

      That’s awesome!! I wish I could get some more Eastern flair in my classes. I have one Indian song that I love, but I just haven’t branched out a lot more. It’s hard to find time to choreograph with school and everything. It’s tiring to do two classes back to back, but it’s good training for me and builds up my stamina. The only problem is that my feet reaaaaally hurt afterwards.

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