How do you accidentally run 8 miles??

Things that happened on my run today:

1. It snowed. Not much, but this is Georgia so that’s pretty amazing. My first time running in snow. There were probably all told 5 flakes, but I’m still totally counting that as running in the snow. 

2. I got random cheers from a group of folks handing out fliers to passers-by. 

3. I scared a little girl when I tried to pass too close.

4. I accidentally ran 8 miles instead of 7. I didn’t pre-plan my route and I tried to do math while running, which obviously didn’t work so well. I figure it’s actually ok because I’ll be in China next week and may miss some training runs. 



  1. mishvo

    Reading your blog is actually starting to make me angry. It’s just not fair that you get to run around outside – in the nature and the elements! – while I’m confined to a treadmill overlooking the pedestrian and vehicular mall traffic below. I MISS RUNNING OUTSIDE SO MUCH.

    • amhow

      I could be angry too, you know. You’re in stinking THAILAND while I sit in Athens, GA being lame. When you get back we’ll plan a race together. Outside.

    • amhow

      China!!! Forget what I just said about sitting in Athens being lame. I’m about to go to Hong Kong to hang out with my parents and my brother. How weird is that? When do your parents arrive in Thailand?

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