running abroad

So I spent 10 days or so in Hong Kong and while I was there, I did a little running. I also did a LOT of walking, which explains why I didn’t do a lot more running. But the running that I did was so so so much fun.


Here’s where you need to run if you ever go to Hong Kong. No kidding.

This awesome route goes right along the harbor and features some amazing views, some nasty fishy smells, and the most fascinating people watching ever. You know what’s great? The fact that, in Hong Kong, folks of all ages are out being active at all times of the day and night. By active, I mean that they are out there running or dancing or swimming or doing calisthenics or Tai Chi or WALKING BACKWARDS (because why the hell not?). They’re doing this while all of us Americans are sitting around on our couches watching The Biggest Loser. That (plus genetics) may explain why I felt so fat in Hong Kong.


This is not Jackie Chan, contrary to popular belief (mine) (it’s Bruce Lee).

Now, being active is great. I fully support it. I do not, however, think it’s such a good idea to go swimming in Hong Kong harbor. I saw lots of giant boats, oily spots, and jelly fish in Hong Kong harbor. Not my idea of an ideal swimming pool. But that didn’t seem to deter some folks.


Be careful out there!!! Geez!

There was definitely air pollution out there, but a lot of the gray in the air you see in my pictures was because of the humidity in the air and the fact that it was still kind of early in the day. I didn’t feel the air pollution too much while I ran. I wondered whether or not it would affect me, and it turns out that it didn’t.

I got back to Athens about two weeks ago, but I’m only now starting to regroup since I left for a conference in Baltimore soon thereafter. Crazy times means I’m not doing as much running as I would like. How is every one shaping up for spring? Are we ready for the hot weather that is coming, Georgia? I don’t think I am.



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