Half Marathon Training at T-minus two weeks

Today was my last long run before the Rockin’ Harbins Park Half Marathon on April 21.


12 miles, you guys. It was slow and it wasn’t easy, but it was still 12 miles. I’m proud. The only thing I’m not so proud of is the fact that I have not trained like I should have been training for this race. I set out today a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to achieve my goal distance. It’s the furthest I’ve ever run (until I run further) and with all my recent travel I haven’t gotten in all the training runs I had planned and marked in my calendar so diligently. The last time I ran a long-ish distance was March 2, and that was only 8 miles. So, I reached my goal distance, and I feel pretty damn good about that. The vast majority of the run was super fun, in fact. The weather was just gorgeous. Hello spring! I hydrated well before leaving and my stomach felt good, even after eating a gel about halfway through. I also love running down Milledge on a Saturday morning. The sorority/fraternity houses look so comically trashed and there is always some hangover victim sitting on a front porch with their face in their hands. It almost makes up for the nasty smell of spilled alcohol on the sidewalk.


Towards the end, my calf started bugging me. I stopped to stretch and then my hip/arse started bugging me. So that’s how it’s going to be, hmm? By then it was about noon and I was getting seriously thirsty too. There are no water stations in real life, you guys. Anyway, I finished, and limped into my apartment where I have spent the rest of the day alternating between icing my hip/arse , eating, and sleeping . #fitness

The half marathon will take place about 45 minutes from my house, so I’m now thinking about what that means for me and my hip/arse. I’m considering bringing an ice pack, just in case. I’m also thinking it will probably be all melty by the time I finish running, but what are you going to do? Thoughts? Tips from runners far more accomplished than me?



  1. Baddest Mother Ever

    When I was doing long training runs, I always tried to loop past the downtown Hilton in Athens (nice bathrooms and they have water bottles at the front desk!) and ARMC on Prince (water fountains by front entrance). This makes me want to get back to running.

    • amhow

      I love the idea, but don’t know if I have the courage to waltz my stinky arse up into the Hilton and grab a water. Did anybody ever seem to mind?

      • Baddest Mother Ever

        We actually stopped just for the bathroom and the concierge offered us the water! They assume that you’re a guest if you’re lingering around the lobby. Takes a few minutes of the time, but it’s worth it for nice cold water! My friend Dee Ann taught me a great 10 mile loop from Five Points that was designed for convenient bathroom breaks.

  2. moveeatcreate

    If you want an ice pack just in case, you can pick up disposable ones at any drugstore that don’t need to be frozen. You crack them open and they get cold very quickly. You could easily take that with you.

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